Thursday, June 17, 2010

The attack of the grey marl.

Oh yes, the track pant and heels.

If you haven't noticed track pants have gone high fashion. Gone are the days when grey marl track pants and a jumper would usually be teamed with trainers to walk the dog, or to put on after a gym session. Now they're being teamed with heels and passing as a fashion statement!

When i first noticed the trend, my first few thoughts were: They're for when you are feeling frumpy, or for when you are at home in winter eating a 2 litre tub of ice-cream to yourself just because you can, or for when you just in need to feel comfortable.  When i think track pants, i think Juicy Couture matching pants and jumper, and that has never been fashionable, sorry. Even if i did see an 18 year old girl ordering coffee in one last weekend.

I did a bit of research, just to see how popular these pants were. And, surprise surprise they're extremely popular. However, the people who are wearing them aren't just settling for those flappy old trackies at the back of their wardrobe. They're following the catwalk trends quite closely. See, tightness-to-the-ankle is crucial, as is a low waist (slouchy fit). A flared or boot-cut track pant won’t cut it. Think less hip-hop dancer and more along the lines of Sarah Jessica Parker in the first Sex and The City movie (when she leaves the house in her Pj's, Sequin beanie and fur coat). So in other words look elegant not like a couch potato. And please, if you are to follow this trend, LEAVE THE UGG BOOTS AT HOME!

Even after searching Google for images and looking at countless fashion blogs, I think I am going to have to be convinced majorly before you see me in these! I am sitting on the fence for this one.

What are your thoughts?



  1. i totally have some like the first picture in black with studs on the waist band and they're awesome... so comfy and surprisingly easy to dress up :)

  2. hah tahlia, yes il vouch for that. hers a stylish ones from guanabana.

    although, if your were in surfers yesterday alex, you may or may not have seen me pop into supre (god forbid!) (to my defence, its right underneath my office!) on the hunt for skinny leg trackies, even before you posted this blog!

    so, you see, tbanks and i are happily on the bandwagon, we think you should come along for the ride!


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