Wednesday, June 23, 2010

cold, wet and grey...

'Just a shower or two'... More like constant downfall.  I dislike rainy weather when i have to go out in it (I love it when I'm indoors with bad movies and a doona). Not only does it dampened spirits, it ruins any outfit. This morning i managed to get my entire outfit wet before i went to work. I was freezing. My bus driver was nice enough to point out that me being all cold and wet was nothing compared to being 6 feet under. By the time i reached work I was so grateful to be indoors, and I instantly warmed up (thank you caramel latte).

Whinging aside. I thought i would post on a rad, edgy Australian jewelery designer.  Atlanta Reade is the talent behind the following two lines of handmade jewelery.  

 •    ATAT Street Jewelz is a high quality range of edgy urban street styled Jewelz for both for men and women. ( Prices range under $60).
 •    ATAT is the premium jewellery line made from sterling silver with contrasts of glamour and street style in mind ( Price ranges $200 - $800 ). This range includes single, 2 and 3 finger rings, statement necklaces, bangles, arm bands, arm cuffs and ear cuffs

Here's a brief insight into how she became a designer: During her modeling career, Atlanta began designing jewelery due to the lack of edgy accessories on the market. She started out by pulling apart second hand belts and customising them herself with studs and cutting up glomesh handbags to make earrings etc. She purchased a soldering iron and not long after ATAT’s first range was made! ATAT has constantly been becoming more and more popular! It's even favoured amongst celebrities and our very own Australian designer Alex Perry. Alex Perry was actually the driving force behind her taking things to the next level, he suggested that she should registerATAT as a business name. 

Atlanta is so inspirational. It just goes to show, you can do anything if you have the right drive. 

ATAT is bringing out new stock in August. I'm super excited! Given my obsession with any type of ring, here are a few of my favourites.


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