Friday, June 11, 2010

See my Vest.

I had today off, and it was amazing! It is my only day off this week! So, i took photos, relaxed, did odd jobs and planned a shoot that i am going to do tomorrow. I wish i had the weekend off! Pretty devastated i don't have the long weekend to enjoy! My bank account likes the fact i will be working though! I'm just thinking my Sunday pay will pay for the Jeffrey Campbell clogs i want! So, that is exciting! Enjoy your long weekend guys!

ALSO: i figured how to format my photos! So stoked on that. I was sick of photos that were in focus upon upload but then out of focus on my blog! It was driving me insane! But now you will no longer see out of focus photo! Bonus for everyone.

Singlet: Wrangler  Faux Fur vest: Ivy Rings: Boutiques
Header: Done by me


  1. Hey great little vest!! Haven't had a chance to have a read of your blog this week but still great... In the meantime I came across a skull necklace on a little blog... Not sure if it's the kinda skull necklace your after but it's cheaper than $300 and I think it's pretty gorgeous!!

    It'd be great if you could share your little secret how to make the photos one size.. It's driving me nuts xxx

    Neon Blonde

  2. HEY!

    I Love the cross bracelet! And the skull is super cute too.

    You just have to put the width in HTML.. Eg width="200"

    Nice change with your blog!



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