Wednesday, June 16, 2010

But the stars keep marching.

Warning: A self indulgent post on my hair. I had my hair done today! It smells great and looks great too. I can say this as my hair dresser is a wonderful, wonderful chick. She is a god, purely because not once has she left my hair looking orange, or feeling like i could scrub my dishes with it.  I went blonder today, however it wasn't intentional. I think she got a little bit excited and left the toner on a little longer than she normally would. Oh well, i still left with a smile stretching ear to ear. I love the feeling when you leave the salon. You always walk away with a bag full of confidence, and forget about the 2 cm of regrowth you had upon arrival. No more tying my hair up or wearing hats to pretend my regrowth isn't "that bad". These locks are staying down and styled...Well for the next six to eight week anyway! Verdict? Money well spent.

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