Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Miu Miu, you're killing me.

Miu Miu is killing me. No, i didn't just wake up to the whole Miu Miu trend. At first i didn't know if i liked this range. Maybe it was because i saw it everywhere. Seriously, everywhere i looked i saw a pair of Miu Miu pumps. They were on every blog i check out, every magazine and every single celebrity is sporting them, as well as people i have seen in everyday life. They have been causing a stir ever since the spring runway shows. So i figured i was going to have to conform to them eventually. So now here i am, telling you i think they are rad, not just because every second person does, but because i think they are amazing and look super cute on. I think Alexa Chung was my tipping point. I saw her in the pink swallow ones and i thought "Wow, my girl crush looks so cute". The cat ones are especially cute. Miu Miu make me want these babies, but they also make me want a little kitten, something i have been wanting for the last two years. 


Miu Miu Drawing done by me.


  1. Totally agree... Probably one of the main reasons I havent done a post on the Miu Miu print just because its everywhere including in DIY designs! Howver the cats are a refreshing change.

    Hope you get your kitty!

  2. I live in an apartment! So I can't :-( I wish I could!

    Thanks for agreeing on miu miu trend! I was so apprehensive to post!

    Hope you had a better day than your last post!


  3. i feel as if i'm reading my very own thoughts on this post and i couldn't agree with you more. i've seen them everywhere and tried to resist but now i know i will have to own a pair of these one day.

    they're impossible to find!

    love you blog.
    new found follower :)


  4. Thanks Nicole! Yay, thanks for following. Great minds think alike!

    In response to your other comment! I saw your fur shawl on your Garry Pepper Vintage face book! Maybe I will out bid someone! I was going to email you the other day. I have a Wayne Cooper dress you may be interested in. Can't wait to start bidding on your new range!



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