Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm The Fury in Your Head.

Today consisted of booking a photo shoot, resume printing and photo playing. Now it's night, and i just went for a run and now i am cleaning up my blog. Notice all the images are the same size throughout? I learned a trusty HTML technique which is going to be carried throughout the duration of my blogging days. Thanks to my Boyfriend! Helps to have a boyfriend who is knowledgeable. I went back through and changed a lot of images. But, i got jack of it so all i am going to do now is make sure they're always sized appropriately Looks so much better, if i must say myself.

Jacket: Thrifted Head Band: Boyfriends

Photos of me, taken by me.


  1. That headband looks unreal on you babe.

    Loving your blog - gorgeous!


  2. i actually love this post of yours. you look gorgeous!



  3. Thank you both for your kind words!

    Stylestalker: I read your blog religously! Keep up the amazing work! Xo


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