Sunday, June 13, 2010

On this precious weekend ending...

I couldn't decide on what to post as my mind is still frozen from today's weather. Gosh, it was chilly. I wouldn't be surprised if I actually have frost bite. You may laugh and think i am over reacting, but i swear i am not. I had jeans and my leather jacket on and i was FROZEN. I don't know why i am stating the weather. I love winter, and everything that comes with it. Minus the runny, sneezey nose! So, back to not being able to decide on what to post on (side tracked again!) There is just too many things racing through my mind. Cute items, Photos I have taken with my boyfriend over the weekend, drawings, various look books, editorials, blogs, fashion in general. I knew i had to narrow it down to just one! So here we have it! I chose to post on the photo shoot my boyfriend and i did on the weekend (i took advantage of saturday's weather) Lucky i didn't do this shoot today! Otherwise i probably would have died! I nearly forgot to mention: I love how Jonathan captured this photograph. The composition is ingenious. I love the beam of light coming off my right leg! He is a clever boy!

Photo: By Jonathan


  1. Wow gorgeous and i adore the jacket xx

  2. Thanks studded hearts for your kind words! :-)

    Miss Shari you are skinny. XX


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