Friday, June 18, 2010

A fan of all things retro.

So a few months ago i bought this calculator watch (photo above) for my boyfriend. It was one of his stocking stuffers for christmas. Wow, i just had the realisation that Christmas is only six months away! Crazy. Okay, back on track. I have sort of claimed it a few times, because, quite simply i love watches. Everyone that knows me, knows i always wear watches and normally they are massive!!

When i was at school, the calculator watch was definitely an item of geekery. If you had one, you probably were sitting by yourself at lunch doing simple multiplication (yes, on your watch). I can tell you, you definitely weren't making a fashion statement. Now, though, the calculator watch has become cool. Modern versions have been re-released by both Casio and Timex and they are geek-chic!  They come in all sorts of colours, styles and sizes. They are so cool! So, i guess that makes me a nerd for liking them.

I love how things i hated while i was in school come back in my life and i end up loving them. Though, if colourful, velcro shoes were to come back in my life, i think I'd give them a miss. I wore them enough throughout the early years of my childhood to last a life time. In hindsight I'm surprised i didn't own a calculator watch. I wasn't the most fashionable child (thanks mum).

I wish for this gold Casio to be in my life! Then i will own my own nerd watch, and i could do nerd things with it.

Have an awesome weekend!


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  1. Corbin has been begging me for one of these for well over twelve months.
    We can't decided on a colour though.


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