Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I rub my eyes, this can't be happening.

Okay so clearly I'm not American. So why am i posting on the American flag trend?...Hold on i will explain. Wait patiently!

 Okay so firstly, I have never really understood why the southern cross is such a massive trend amongst Australians. So because you're wearing the flag as board shorts or any other form of clothing, it makes you that bit more patriotic? Also: over the last few years (as if you didn't already noticed). the Southern Cross has been adopted in the form of tattoos as a symbol of Aussie pride by those looking to wear their patriotism permanently on their skin.  I was hoping that this trend would fade out before the actual tattoo ink. But, it seems like that was just wishful thinking. I once saw a girl with a Southern Cross tattooed on her back. The punch line of that joke is: She was missing a star. What i find the funniest is that the southern cross isn't even just on the Australian flag. It's also on the New Zealand, Brazilian, Samoan and Papua New Guinean flag, so why are we so constellation crazy? Fair enough if it was purely our symbol.

My initial subject that i wanted to speak on was the American Flag trend. Purely because there have been bits and pieces that i like at the moment. It seems slightly less bogan to wear the American Flag. I'm not sure if it makes me a bad person as i am not American. But, quite frankly i don't care. As long as i am steeing clear of the "Bogan slogan of the noughties", i'll be fine. For those who love the Southern Cross trend, keep up with the tattoos, the clothing and the stickers on the rear windows of your cars, who am i to tell you what you can and can't do? 

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  1. Your blog I almost read daily... I even saw your post on Ponytail Junction on Facebook! But I do have the same feeling about the southern cross bogan slogan! its nasty! I had a good giggle at your post I dont think I have captured the same story..

    I almost sound like I'm having a whinge!

    Ive seen it on a few: Friend of
    mine, Ayetah, Trendhunter, Oyster, Frankie... May as well jump on board seeing as tomorrow is Independence Day!

    Keep it up! (p.s love the seafolly post!)


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