Monday, June 28, 2010

Four eyes.

I found these for $1.00 at a thrift shop on the weekend. How could i not buy them? I thought i would channel my inner nerd. I also bought another pair (they're a different style).  They have magnified lenses though. Just in the bottom half of the glasses. When i was taking photos they were making me feel sick. Kind of like when you were a kid and you'd try on someones prescription glasses and then get a headache. If you know that feeling, that's how i'm feeling now.

How was everyone's weekend? I hope you got up to some exciting adventures. My weekend went way to fast! I saw Toy Story 3 with my Boy last night! It was so good! Sad, but good. Probably the best in the series. I have so much admiration for the skilled people at Pixar. Their job would be so hard. The 3D animation looked a lot better than the last two movies. I noticed a big difference. I also enjoyed the bonus Pixar short film (NIGHT & DAY.) before Toy Story 3, it was so clever.  Definitely go and see it, if you loved the last two as a kid.

Good news today! We got a new place! So i am very excited...However i am off to work now. Have a great day!



  1. when i first saw the bottom picture, it was on my phone and i thought you had photoshopped blood dripping out of your mouth all twihardish. i was like cumon alex, you can do better than twilight! haha.

    but now, it all makes sense!

    ps might be a good idea to proof read your articles before you post them, since your the spelling nazi!

    *before Toy Story 3, it was so the clever.


  2. says the girl who hasn't capitalized any of her sentences or Photoshop. Nor did you spell "you're" correctly. Since "you're" the spelling nazi, not since "your" the spelling nazi".

    "They're going to their friends house over there"

    "You're called harri for short, and your puppy is named Olly".

    I am giving you a grammar lesson on my blog. Haha.

    So, from now on i will be sure to check my blog, only if you proof read your comments.


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