Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In the end, you'll realise.

Today was a chicken soup day. I couldn't seem to warm up, my fingers are purple as i am typing this. I had today off, so i did a few D.I.Y projects i have been wanting to do since the weekend. I thrifted this denim jacket and thought, "Hey, while i have studs left over why not put some studs on some more things i own." I thought my obsession with studs would have gone away by now. Obviously not. I am stressing out that it is here to stay. One day, i fear i am going to wake up and i will be made out of studs. *scary*

The first attempt at this i must've had my head to the side thinking it was straight, because the cross was so lop sided, it was a joke. So, with a trusty nail file and now some very sore fingers i undid all the studs and remodeled it. This time it turned out perfectly straight, which i am very happy about.

The question still remains though. Do i leave it as a denim jacket or do i cut it into a vest? It's a tough decision.


Photos: taken by me.

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  1. i think it would be cute as a vest :)


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