Sunday, June 20, 2010

They say an end can be a start.

Sunday afternoon sunshine. Simply the best.

Here i am channeling the 80's with my vintage gold shoulder pad top i picked up yesterday and my $12.00 boots i customized with studs. All in all, yesterday was a successful shopping day.  I love my top! I stumbled across it in the last few minutes of op shopping, and i am so glad i did! As for my boots, i have had this style in mind for about a month (and haven't been able to find them anywhere), but yesterday my boyfriend pointed out these adorable ones in the guy section while we were op shopping! Never worn and at $12.00 how could i not buy them?

We jumped in the car when i finished work today to catch the last few minutes of the glorious afternoon sun. Thanks to Jonathan we got some really cool shots!

Photos: By my wonderful, talented Jonathan.
TOP: Vintage, SHORTS: Bardot, BOOTS: Thrifted


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