Tuesday, June 15, 2010

we danced toward the ripest display of escape.

Now, i don't think there is a need for an introduction. Everybody knows the name behind the eyebrows. But, just for good measures and for the people who have been asleep and have lost touch with reality the last few months: this beauty is called Bambi. Well, Bambi is the name she now goes by. Her real name is Stephanie. Bambi is a cute name, and much more edgy i think. And obviously she did too! I think she is amazing! Such a unique beauty! She has amazing features: Elegant eyebrows, baby-doll face. She's not very tall (5'8"), but Kate Moss isn't very tall either! I love how shes quickly becoming the model to watch. And i love her cute Bambi tattoo!

I didn't lie when i said a new header was in the making. So what do you think? I am really happy with it! Unknown Pleasures has had a grooming! 



  1. She reminds me of the young Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon.

  2. Her whole face, skin & hair . .





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