Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I rub my eyes, this can't be happening.

Okay so clearly I'm not American. So why am i posting on the American flag trend?...Hold on i will explain. Wait patiently!

 Okay so firstly, I have never really understood why the southern cross is such a massive trend amongst Australians. So because you're wearing the flag as board shorts or any other form of clothing, it makes you that bit more patriotic? Also: over the last few years (as if you didn't already noticed). the Southern Cross has been adopted in the form of tattoos as a symbol of Aussie pride by those looking to wear their patriotism permanently on their skin.  I was hoping that this trend would fade out before the actual tattoo ink. But, it seems like that was just wishful thinking. I once saw a girl with a Southern Cross tattooed on her back. The punch line of that joke is: She was missing a star. What i find the funniest is that the southern cross isn't even just on the Australian flag. It's also on the New Zealand, Brazilian, Samoan and Papua New Guinean flag, so why are we so constellation crazy? Fair enough if it was purely our symbol.

My initial subject that i wanted to speak on was the American Flag trend. Purely because there have been bits and pieces that i like at the moment. It seems slightly less bogan to wear the American Flag. I'm not sure if it makes me a bad person as i am not American. But, quite frankly i don't care. As long as i am steeing clear of the "Bogan slogan of the noughties", i'll be fine. For those who love the Southern Cross trend, keep up with the tattoos, the clothing and the stickers on the rear windows of your cars, who am i to tell you what you can and can't do? 

Monday, June 28, 2010

Four eyes.

I found these for $1.00 at a thrift shop on the weekend. How could i not buy them? I thought i would channel my inner nerd. I also bought another pair (they're a different style).  They have magnified lenses though. Just in the bottom half of the glasses. When i was taking photos they were making me feel sick. Kind of like when you were a kid and you'd try on someones prescription glasses and then get a headache. If you know that feeling, that's how i'm feeling now.

How was everyone's weekend? I hope you got up to some exciting adventures. My weekend went way to fast! I saw Toy Story 3 with my Boy last night! It was so good! Sad, but good. Probably the best in the series. I have so much admiration for the skilled people at Pixar. Their job would be so hard. The 3D animation looked a lot better than the last two movies. I noticed a big difference. I also enjoyed the bonus Pixar short film (NIGHT & DAY.) before Toy Story 3, it was so clever.  Definitely go and see it, if you loved the last two as a kid.

Good news today! We got a new place! So i am very excited...However i am off to work now. Have a great day!


Sunday, June 27, 2010


French sex kitten Brigitte Bardot had one of the most memorable come-hither looks of her time. And i still think she has a very modern look, her beauty hasn't seemed to date.

Brigitte has had a dramatic influence on the fashion world.  The Bardot neckline (a wide open neck that exposes both shoulders) is named after her. Brigitte popularized this style, which is used for knitted sweaters or jumpers and many styles of tees. She is also recognised for making the bikini popular in early movies she starred in such as Manina (Woman without a Veil, 1952), and also in many photo shoots. Brigitte also brought into fashion the choucroute ("Sauerkraut"). Note: the hairstyle not the sausage!

All the photographs that i have found are flawless, and these were taken well before PhotoShop was invented.  I love that her style was so effortlessly chic. In one photograph i found,  all she had on was a simple black headband, a little sheath dress, a bit of liquid eyeliner...Oh, and of course there was plenty of sultry attitude to top it off (hence why she was deemed a sex kitten) and she just looked so stunningly beautiful.

Her lips are to die for, as is her hair. No wonder so many people have tried to master her look. I have found a new love for her. She is my new icon.

Happy Sunday.


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Saturday, June 26, 2010

I see it’s burning you inside.

Meet my new jacket. I call him vintage. Original right? Today i went shopping and i had so much fun! I dragged my boyfriend around all the shops and then to all the local op-shops. I bought some cute vintage pieces, which you will see featured on my blog in posts to come. I can't post them all at once, otherwise you'll know all my secrets! This jacket is everything you could ask for. I love the tailored fit, the gold buttons and the material is sensational. I love finding vintage pieces that don't need any work done to them. I also was going to buy the Maurie and Eve FANTASIES wedges (leopard print), but decided i didn't love them anymore. I have outgrown them...i have moved on.

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nothing has changed.

Comfort.  Sometimes, actually more often than not i love comfortable clothes. Today's one of those days. There's stylish-comfortable and dressing like a total slob-comfortable. I like to think i look stylish and comfortable.

Featured Jumper:  Pete Versus Toby is a street wear label designed by three dudes that go by the names: Antione Ryan, Marco Zirov and Damian Gordon. Pete Versus Toby was born and bred in Byron Bay in 2006. The boys initially started screen-printing tees and selling their products in Sydney at the Glebe and Bondi markets. The shoppers at these markets went crazy over their designs. Since their market days, the trio have continued to design unique prints for singlets, hoodies and tees and now have reached a larger market. You will find Pete Versus Toby in many boutique stores and on their official website: store.peteversustoby.com 

Wondering where they came up with "Pete Versus Toby"? One of their friends and artist Raina Hede came up with the name! He said that originally a homeless man carved it into a boogie board at Broken Head caravan park. And the name stuck!

Photos: taken by me.
Jumper: Pete Versus Toby from Cubic Collective- Gold Coast.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

cold, wet and grey...

'Just a shower or two'... More like constant downfall.  I dislike rainy weather when i have to go out in it (I love it when I'm indoors with bad movies and a doona). Not only does it dampened spirits, it ruins any outfit. This morning i managed to get my entire outfit wet before i went to work. I was freezing. My bus driver was nice enough to point out that me being all cold and wet was nothing compared to being 6 feet under. By the time i reached work I was so grateful to be indoors, and I instantly warmed up (thank you caramel latte).

Whinging aside. I thought i would post on a rad, edgy Australian jewelery designer.  Atlanta Reade is the talent behind the following two lines of handmade jewelery.  

 •    ATAT Street Jewelz is a high quality range of edgy urban street styled Jewelz for both for men and women. ( Prices range under $60).
 •    ATAT is the premium jewellery line made from sterling silver with contrasts of glamour and street style in mind ( Price ranges $200 - $800 ). This range includes single, 2 and 3 finger rings, statement necklaces, bangles, arm bands, arm cuffs and ear cuffs

Here's a brief insight into how she became a designer: During her modeling career, Atlanta began designing jewelery due to the lack of edgy accessories on the market. She started out by pulling apart second hand belts and customising them herself with studs and cutting up glomesh handbags to make earrings etc. She purchased a soldering iron and not long after ATAT’s first range was made! ATAT has constantly been becoming more and more popular! It's even favoured amongst celebrities and our very own Australian designer Alex Perry. Alex Perry was actually the driving force behind her taking things to the next level, he suggested that she should registerATAT as a business name. 

Atlanta is so inspirational. It just goes to show, you can do anything if you have the right drive. 

ATAT is bringing out new stock in August. I'm super excited! Given my obsession with any type of ring, here are a few of my favourites.


Photos: courtesy of chosenbyatat.net.au

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In the end, you'll realise.

Today was a chicken soup day. I couldn't seem to warm up, my fingers are purple as i am typing this. I had today off, so i did a few D.I.Y projects i have been wanting to do since the weekend. I thrifted this denim jacket and thought, "Hey, while i have studs left over why not put some studs on some more things i own." I thought my obsession with studs would have gone away by now. Obviously not. I am stressing out that it is here to stay. One day, i fear i am going to wake up and i will be made out of studs. *scary*

The first attempt at this i must've had my head to the side thinking it was straight, because the cross was so lop sided, it was a joke. So, with a trusty nail file and now some very sore fingers i undid all the studs and remodeled it. This time it turned out perfectly straight, which i am very happy about.

The question still remains though. Do i leave it as a denim jacket or do i cut it into a vest? It's a tough decision.


Photos: taken by me.

Monday, June 21, 2010

A neverending dream.

Run off my feet, is the only way to describe today. An early morning casting, house hunting, projects, and work. So unfortunately no outfit post. There is not enough hours in today! Leaving you with some inspirational shots. Enjoy. x

Sunday, June 20, 2010

They say an end can be a start.

Sunday afternoon sunshine. Simply the best.

Here i am channeling the 80's with my vintage gold shoulder pad top i picked up yesterday and my $12.00 boots i customized with studs. All in all, yesterday was a successful shopping day.  I love my top! I stumbled across it in the last few minutes of op shopping, and i am so glad i did! As for my boots, i have had this style in mind for about a month (and haven't been able to find them anywhere), but yesterday my boyfriend pointed out these adorable ones in the guy section while we were op shopping! Never worn and at $12.00 how could i not buy them?

We jumped in the car when i finished work today to catch the last few minutes of the glorious afternoon sun. Thanks to Jonathan we got some really cool shots!

Photos: By my wonderful, talented Jonathan.
TOP: Vintage, SHORTS: Bardot, BOOTS: Thrifted

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'll slip through your hands, I am one single grain of sand.

Just a quick post. I haven't had time to put together a big post. Tomorrow will be a outfit post.

My friend Sam lead me to this illustrator COCO! Coco starts her work by experimenting with processes such as painting, drawing and ceramics, before designing the final image digitally. Like the illustration above. She quotes "I like to mix several techniques but aim for restraint and minimalism in the finished work as I like the results achieved from combining these two approaches". I really like her work. She has a very impressive portfolio and she has worked as a communication consultant for many leading fashion designers. Coco has a very unique insight into fashion, and she demonstrates this throughout her work. Here's a screen shot i took of her site, showcasing a few bits and pieces she has worked on.



Friday, June 18, 2010

A fan of all things retro.

So a few months ago i bought this calculator watch (photo above) for my boyfriend. It was one of his stocking stuffers for christmas. Wow, i just had the realisation that Christmas is only six months away! Crazy. Okay, back on track. I have sort of claimed it a few times, because, quite simply i love watches. Everyone that knows me, knows i always wear watches and normally they are massive!!

When i was at school, the calculator watch was definitely an item of geekery. If you had one, you probably were sitting by yourself at lunch doing simple multiplication (yes, on your watch). I can tell you, you definitely weren't making a fashion statement. Now, though, the calculator watch has become cool. Modern versions have been re-released by both Casio and Timex and they are geek-chic!  They come in all sorts of colours, styles and sizes. They are so cool! So, i guess that makes me a nerd for liking them.

I love how things i hated while i was in school come back in my life and i end up loving them. Though, if colourful, velcro shoes were to come back in my life, i think I'd give them a miss. I wore them enough throughout the early years of my childhood to last a life time. In hindsight I'm surprised i didn't own a calculator watch. I wasn't the most fashionable child (thanks mum).

I wish for this gold Casio to be in my life! Then i will own my own nerd watch, and i could do nerd things with it.

Have an awesome weekend!


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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The attack of the grey marl.

Oh yes, the track pant and heels.

If you haven't noticed track pants have gone high fashion. Gone are the days when grey marl track pants and a jumper would usually be teamed with trainers to walk the dog, or to put on after a gym session. Now they're being teamed with heels and passing as a fashion statement!

When i first noticed the trend, my first few thoughts were: They're for when you are feeling frumpy, or for when you are at home in winter eating a 2 litre tub of ice-cream to yourself just because you can, or for when you just in need to feel comfortable.  When i think track pants, i think Juicy Couture matching pants and jumper, and that has never been fashionable, sorry. Even if i did see an 18 year old girl ordering coffee in one last weekend.

I did a bit of research, just to see how popular these pants were. And, surprise surprise they're extremely popular. However, the people who are wearing them aren't just settling for those flappy old trackies at the back of their wardrobe. They're following the catwalk trends quite closely. See, tightness-to-the-ankle is crucial, as is a low waist (slouchy fit). A flared or boot-cut track pant won’t cut it. Think less hip-hop dancer and more along the lines of Sarah Jessica Parker in the first Sex and The City movie (when she leaves the house in her Pj's, Sequin beanie and fur coat). So in other words look elegant not like a couch potato. And please, if you are to follow this trend, LEAVE THE UGG BOOTS AT HOME!

Even after searching Google for images and looking at countless fashion blogs, I think I am going to have to be convinced majorly before you see me in these! I am sitting on the fence for this one.

What are your thoughts?


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

But the stars keep marching.

Warning: A self indulgent post on my hair. I had my hair done today! It smells great and looks great too. I can say this as my hair dresser is a wonderful, wonderful chick. She is a god, purely because not once has she left my hair looking orange, or feeling like i could scrub my dishes with it.  I went blonder today, however it wasn't intentional. I think she got a little bit excited and left the toner on a little longer than she normally would. Oh well, i still left with a smile stretching ear to ear. I love the feeling when you leave the salon. You always walk away with a bag full of confidence, and forget about the 2 cm of regrowth you had upon arrival. No more tying my hair up or wearing hats to pretend my regrowth isn't "that bad". These locks are staying down and styled...Well for the next six to eight week anyway! Verdict? Money well spent.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

we danced toward the ripest display of escape.

Now, i don't think there is a need for an introduction. Everybody knows the name behind the eyebrows. But, just for good measures and for the people who have been asleep and have lost touch with reality the last few months: this beauty is called Bambi. Well, Bambi is the name she now goes by. Her real name is Stephanie. Bambi is a cute name, and much more edgy i think. And obviously she did too! I think she is amazing! Such a unique beauty! She has amazing features: Elegant eyebrows, baby-doll face. She's not very tall (5'8"), but Kate Moss isn't very tall either! I love how shes quickly becoming the model to watch. And i love her cute Bambi tattoo!

I didn't lie when i said a new header was in the making. So what do you think? I am really happy with it! Unknown Pleasures has had a grooming!