Monday, May 24, 2010


Why am i showing you this? I Love this fur shawl, it's from one of my first ever photo shoots. It was real fur. I have never stumbled across one since. Ah, i look so different in this photo, dark hair and i was only 17 (now i'm 20). The shiny "wet look" tights were hand sewn and were a mission to put on and even harder to take off. In this photo the stylist was chasing me around with an umbrella as it was raining! I love how photos have so much meaning, rather than just a photograph. I chose to show you this photo as it is a look i find very awesome. The tights, the plain tee and the fur shawl. I would wear this now. I wouldn't have back then. Isn't it funny how your style matures as you find yourself immersed in fashion on a daily basis.

Photographer: Damien Vanderlist


  1. You look amazing! I love old photographs even if they are just a couple of years old makes you remember all the details ;)

    I love your blog,Please follow mine on Blogspot if you like what you read :)

    Keep on writing!

  2. Thank you very much miss! I love your blog too! :-) x

  3. i just found a chocolate brown fur shawl and am selling it this week. i really don't want to let it go but i have so many fur jackets already.

    you look amazing!


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