Thursday, May 20, 2010

We cannot wish for what we know not.

I am more tired then when i went away! I didn't think that was possible, but somehow i am. I am glad to be home ( my holiday was very good though). Nothing beats your own bed after nights in an unfamiliar room. And nothing beats your own shower. So good. Back to reality.

My camera is currently M.I.A, not really, it's with my boyfriend today. He has custody of it. I thought i would post pictures of certain goods i would like to purchase. After work today, i thought I'd tease myself and look at my favourite online stores. Window shopping online is worse than actual window shopping because you always find unique accessories that people you know don't have or you find the shoes you have been drooling over for weeks and you just continue to drool. Drooling over my favourite shoes and accessories is what i do best at the moment. I wish i was a heiress to a multimillion dollar company just so i could fix my shopping addiction and buy everything i have ever dreamed of. I figure that would also fix my drooling habit too.

Thursday's Loves:
1. Zimmerman Boots.
2. LAS Bear Head Ring
3. Jeffery Campbell Wedges
4.Christian Louboutin Macarena Wedges
5. Zipper Bracelet
6. Silver Spike Necklace
7. Safety Pin Bracelet
8. LAS Longhorn Skull Ring
9.Acne Wedges
10.Tony Bianco Wedges
11. Robert Cavalli Large Sponge Coral Ring
12.Rag and Bone Wedges
13. Jeffery Campbell Wedges
14. Romance Was born Shorts



Images: various online boutique/ Shorts via Cobrasnake


  1. I have been eyeing off the same Robert Cavalli ring for AGES now.
    Perhaps we can go halves and share?


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