Friday, May 21, 2010

I'll go back, if you ask.

See my vest, see my vest! I made a little vest today. I fell in love with the material. The roses are so cute. From a distance it just looks like a black vest. However, up close you can see the delicate pattern. I made the pattern myself. It's a larger fit, but that's what i was going for. I love it over over sized tees. What do you think?

FOR SALE: SKULL RING. SIZE 9 BY EBAY STANDARDS. $10.  It's rad. Rose gold, diamante encrusted. Wish it fitted. It wants a new home!

I bought it a week ago but my fingers are a little bit too small. Shoot me an email is you wish to buy it!

Woolen goodness! My mum knitted me the coolest over sized cardigan. Gotta love her and her knitting skills. She did teach me once...I think the scarf i was knitting ended up VERY holey.  I seemed to have dropped a lot of stitches. Best to leave it up to the professionals. I love cardigans. I always buy them one size bigger than I'd normally get. It's nice to have one made with love though. You can't beat that.

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