Saturday, May 8, 2010


"Nothing is in, and nothing is out. It’s about what really looks good on you and how you feel in it"...Wise words. So, wear whatever the hell you want i say. It's all about wearing it with confidence. People may judge you, but take a look at them. They probably have no idea what fashion is anyway.

I have a little obsession with leopard print at the moment. I've never really been into the animal print scene. But at the moment i say "Leopard print, why not?" There is a pair of JC wedges i want, Some pony hair pumps from Wittner and a power shoulder blazer i have my eye on as well. Shopping spree? I am supposed to be saving for my trip to the snow and a Canon camera as well, so my jacket may need to wait. Oh, and there is the debacle of whether to buy: A new surf board, A skate board or a bike ( so my boyfriend can ride his old school one that i bought him finally).

Only four more days til Vampire weekend so i am very excited.  But, at the moment it's Saturday, so just a quick post to make you drool over leopard print and see the AMAZING make up! Seriously, that eye is a masterpiece.



Images: Courtesy of Fashiontoast, Stylemeromy, dirtylittlefashionwhore


  1. im really jealous that your going to vampire weekend! i love them to death!
    nice blog

  2. I'm so excited! I'll post some pics from the gig, and you can pretend that you went..Haha. Thank you for the compliment! :-) x

  3. Frick, I love the Christian Louboutin's In the first photo, As well as the eye make up towards the end..My mates a beautician shes even seen leopard inspired false eyelashes! Nuts hey!! Ive pinched a few for my own Leather Leopard Post.... I cant wait for Vampire next weekend for me itll be amazing!

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  4. Hi, I took a look at your blog, good stuff! I shall follow if you follow mine! :-)xx


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