Sunday, May 23, 2010

I have Neuw jeans.


Certain people collect records, watches and books. I collect jeans- Par Lundqvist

Neuw make the greatest fitting jeans. I bought my first pair in March (not long after their initial launch) and they are awesome.  They are perfection. And being a jean girl, i love a good fitting pair of skinny's.

Neuw denim jeans are made from ruined, altered and re-stitched denim jeans. Creator Par Lundqvist says that each pair of Neuw denim has individual details inspired by traditional, hand repair work and tailoring which i find very cool. I like that Par and his team have perfected the ever so popular jeans. Far too many designers do not take into account the female body. Certain styles of jeans just do not suit some figures. Neuw jeans are so unique, even down to the way they sit against your ankle. They have tapered the ankle to fit very snug (placing a dart at the back of the jean leg), which i think is ingenious. I find it hard to find jeans that do so. There are far too many styles that are more of a straight leg fit. The only other style of jeans which does so is Cheap Monday. Now, Neuw is in my regular rotation of jeans. Very, very comfortable and what i love more is that they are refreshingly priced ($150-$200). So go get your hands on some. I'm telling you, you'll regret not doing so!

My weekend has been perfect. Watched movies, drank vino, ate great food, spent it with my best friend. I finally finished watching through old epsiodes of The OC. Ahhh, sad times. My boyfriend and i just finished watching the original "Nightmare on Elm St". We plan on going to see the new one this week, even though I've heard nothing good about it! We are completionists when it comes to horror movies. I grew up on horror movies. I watched them with my dad cos mum was always too scared to. So someone had to keep him company! Another thing  I am going to do this week is write a list of jobs i want to accomplish. Number one on the list will be advancing my Photoshop skills. 

I am off to enjoy the rest of my weekend!


Photos: By my lovely partner Jonathan at our apartment building

Jeans: Neuw, Tee: Muui, Hat: Byron Bay, Shoes: Peep Toe, Jewellery: Sportsgirl, 
Bag: Jimmy Choo-A gift from my beautiful friend Shari, Skull scarf: Ebay


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