Thursday, May 6, 2010

Romance Was Born.

Romance was born- "Dinosaur Renaissance" !!! Colourful claw-like fingernails that seemed to be about one metre long, elaborate headpieces, Alexander McQueen-esque reptilian dresses, spikes and a volcano on legs, it's probably easier just to look at the photos to understand this collection. There are way too many thing to comment on. Anna and Luke's (Romance Was Born duo) passion for fashion always comes through in their shows. I personally think their show was a masterpiece. A few of my favs: power-shouldered dresses (big fan of the high shoulder), brooch studded hot pants. The vest in the last picture is cute, i've been looking for a denim one of these so i can add some things to it...Kinda digging the mustard colour. My mum is going to knit me a mustard colour cardigan for winter! Weeeee.

Below is the "walking volcano" and in the other shot Dallys/Chic model Ema Taylor who i have worked with a few times. Her make up is amazing in this photo! All the make up was stunning for Romance Was Born.

 Photos: Courtesy of Getty images/ Harpers bizarre

Header: Done by me

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  1. i really like the cross leotard thingy! but i waas like WTF when i saw the volcano. some designers are just too far out of this planet! haha.
    love you and your works ally may xxx


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