Saturday, May 8, 2010

Then end.

Ksubi closed Sydney Fashion Week 2010,moving on from their recent problems. I thought the concept of their show was great, and an awesome way to end such an awesome week of fashion. The Ksubi boys always know how to showcase their individuality. I also liked the look they went for with the hair and make up (smooth, dead straight hair and heavily underlined eyes). I noticed a theme of gelled hair at this years RAFW, but of course Ksubi couldn't follow the trend as they only used this look a few years ago (07/08)!

 I have a few bits and pieces of Ksubi clothing. I love my black Ksubi jeans. Very Comfy. Some of their dresses and over sized tees in their SS 2010-2011 collection were so hideous. I was highly disappointed with their overuse of  text, and there was one suit like outfit which was orange/brown that i thought "what the hell is that model wearing". There were only one or two items that i really liked. I do like Ksubi, but i think their t-shirt designs of both mens and ladies apparel have been going a bit downhill. It seems that there is only a few tees each season that i like.

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