Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kareena Zerefos

I know this isn't a fashion post, but Kareena Zerefos' work really inspires me.  I really like her old stuff as well as her most recents work from 2010. She works using a variety of mediums, including pencil, gouache and ink, and often combines traditional drawing with digital graphics. To see more visit her cute website: Kareena also has an online store where you can purchase some of her lovely pieces. Below is a screen shot i have taken of her website, it is featuring her latest work "Waiting for superman".

Illustration 1:"Zodiac sketches" pencil, ink, gouache, tea and letraset on paper 2009
Illustration 2:"Shibui" portrait for melbourne hair salon, Shibui (unknown year)
Illustration 3:"Another night passed" pencil, ink, gouache and letraset on paper 2008.
Illustration 4:"Sugar Glider" pencil, ink and gouache on rives BFK 2010 
Illustration 5:"The bear went over the mountain" pencil, ink, tea and gouache on rives BFK 2010

Happy Rainy Saturday girls and boys.


Heading "KAREENA": Done by me! Good old drawing tablet.

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  1. Oh wow what a great illustrator!! I love the gouache and the water colour effects! Artist and leopard print lover... Impressed!! If you like this work you should see my post on Kirbee Lawler and the interview I had with her..

    Thanks for checking out Neon Blonde it'd be great if u could follow it on bloglovin... Good luck with that Alexander Wang bag... Be sure to show us once you've got enough pennies!


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