Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Alex Perry.

I was not surprised that Alex Perry's collection was HOT, HOT, HOT! I absolutely love it! So glamorous! So much tulle, elaborate beading and structured shoulders!! I remember the first time i heard of Alex Perry. My mum and I were watching the Logies ages back...A TV star was dressed by him and my mum heard "I'm wearing Alex Carey"..Not "Alex Perry". She thought his name was Alex Carey. Very Cute. For readers other than my friends. My name is Alex Carey ( So now this story should make sense to you). In my books, he is KING.

I have been playing with a drawing tablet all morning. The "Alex Perry" header of this post was a quick job( so please forgive my skills). I was just seeing how to use it. It is pressure sensitive now as well ( Thanks to my boyfriend staying up late last night to install the software)... I keep trying to look at the drawing tablet as i draw, but i need to look at the computer screen for this one! He has a more expensive one, which has a screen you draw on but i don't trust myself not to scratch the screen! I hope that i can master the drawing tablet and use it more for blog posts! So keep your fingers and toes crossed that i will learn fast!

Photos: Courtesy of the lovely Jacquie and Daniel of RED ECLIPSE PHOTOGRAPHY at the RAFW


  1. Thank you! :-) A really nice boy let me borrow his drawing tablet! ;-)

  2. I loved Alex Perry's show! He is designing my friend's dress for her wedding at the end of the year :)

  3. That's exciting. I bet it's going to be the most amazing dress!

  4. Do you know the style or name of the dress in the picture above? The white dress with tight bodie, skinny straps and layers of tiered tulle? I cant find the style or name anywhere!

    Pleaseee help:)


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