Monday, May 10, 2010

Sneakers. For sneaking.

Chuck Taylor made them cool, therefore i had to go and buy them. Not really. I have wanted some converse sneaker for years and never actually purchased them until last weekend. I love them. They're so comfortable, which makes me wish i had have purchased them earlier. I feel so cool in them, like i could be a rock star, but this would mean i'd need some musical ability, and this i do not have. I think it skipped me. My eldest sister, my brother and my other sister are all musical...My theory as to why i am not musical is, i couldn't concentrate longer than five minutes as a child, and i'm pretty sure it takes longer than that to learn the piano or the guitar. I'm not like that now, which is a bonus.

I haven't owned a pair of converse shoes since i was in year 9! We used to call them "Connies", and all the girls had them. We rebelled and wore them with our school dresses. In hindsight, maybe we weren't cool. 

Vampire weekend count: TOMORROW. 

Short: Thrifted jeans cut into high waisted short, Shirt:This is not a plain tee, Shoes:Converse All Stars,

Photo taken by me: My apartment


  1. Kaitlyn FaulknerMay 10, 2010 at 7:43 PM

    mentioning of connies and dresses in yr 9 = reminiscent glory! haha come on budha, you know we were cool! this has made my day :)

  2. musical? not me. getting back into discovering awesome tunes though, loving that. my vampire weekend countdown = 3 days. hyped.


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