Sunday, May 2, 2010

Neither heaven nor space.

Yesterday was such a great start to the weekend. My boyfriend and i went on a long walk before we went out for breakfast, then we went shopping where i picked up a few things! I bought a new nail polish and the owl ring(Such a cutie) and spikey silver and gold double finger ring (photo above). I love nail polish, i can't get enough. My nails are always painted. I fear what my nails would look like with out it. 

In the afternoon we went to see my brother who is up here touring with Urthboy, as he is Urthboy's manager. It was a shame that it was such a quick visit! I wish i got to see him more. It's a bit hard though with him in New South Wales and me in Queensland! I am very excited as he is getting my boyfriend and i tickets to see Vampire Weekend next Tuesday in Brissy, as the other band he manages Cloud Control are supporting Vampire Weekend on their Australian National tour! AMAZING! So very excited to see both bands live, as you can imagine! Love you brother of mine!

Oh! We went to see Ironmensh aka Iron Man 2 last night. So good, better than the first. I think it won longest credits as well. We wanted to wait around to see the extra scene right at the end, and i swear the credits went longer than the actual movie itself! So many people worked on the CGI aspects of the film, no wonder it cost $200 million to make!

Today is a sunny day! So this was just a quick post as i am off to have coffee, browse some markets and potentially kill myself trying to surf. 



Images: By me

Nail polish: Google Images.

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