Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Milhouse likes vaseline on toast

You're probably wondering what "Milhouse likes Vaseline on toast" has to do with this post. It doesn't have much to do with it except for the "Vaseline" part. Last night i was watching ANTM reruns, and Tyra Bank did a shoot with the contestants where they wore Vaseline on their faces and no other make up. So when i got home from work today i smeared my face with Vaseline. Obviously not my entire face. Just my areas i wanted definition. I just wanted to see what would happen and if i could actually pull it off. If these weren't in Black and White you would just laugh at me and tell me i was stupid. But then again i don't know what you're thinking about the black and white pics.

I told my agency i dyed my hair. After freaking out the past few weeks i am happy to say my model manager loves it! I have been very scared to tell them cos they loved my dark brown hair! So what a bonus! I love it, it suits my skin tone better. The only thing i miss is the length! But, it's just hair and it will grow..

Later tonight i will post on RAFW! So keep an eye out. Also: My new logo should be completed soon! Can't wait.



  1. The pictures look great :)

  2. Why thank you. I checked out your "cleaned out blog"and i will follow you! :-) xx


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